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Monday, July 14, 2008


If readers take the time to read about me they should notice I am a health care professional.

Recently a post I have on this blog about the negative impact of cooking with microwave ovens was criticised because it is only from a blog. I guess the person on the recipe forum - a blog of sorts - thinks blogs are places where inaccurate information is posted, just for the sake of posting it.

I am not so interested in posting pages of references on every article I post for comment. Since my goal is to encourage readers to do more research on a topic I comment about, I guess I'd like it if that was the outcome.

I am just trying to get readers to think about their health and what affects it.

And yes, the report I posted about the end result of eating microwaved food is based on scientific studies. Even pre food and post food blood levels were taken and analyzed, finding serious alterations. Probably not too different than what was shown in the movie about fast food (very often heated in microwaves), Super Size Me.

If you'd like higher cholesterol levels so your succumb to an Rx for a statin drug that could give you kidney failure, keep chowing down on your quick convenience meals.

And if you'd like more science, then look at the Russian research on the harm of microwave that dates back to the 1940s.

I have.

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