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Saturday, July 05, 2008

84% of Sunscreens Unsafe or Ineffective

While this is good information there are good non-commercial approaches to sun protection. These include vitamins B1 and C (as a spray).

Avoid any product with titanium and cinnamates (an endocrine disruptor), and read labels carefully.
Study finds a host of suspect ingredients in popular sun lotions

Only 16% of sunscreens on the market are both safe and effective, according to a new analysis by the Environmental Working Group, an advocacy and research organization. Of 783 products analyzed, only 125 blocked both UVA and UVB radiation, remained stable in sunlight and contained few if any ingredients that are known or suspected of being health hazards. The analysis employed 400 scientific studies, information from industry and regulators, and nearly 60 government, academic and industry databases. The analysis found that many lotions have misleading labels that advertise attributes they lack. According to the Environmental Working Group, the Food and Drug Administration has missed numerous deadlines, over the course of years, and has so far failed to set safety standards for sunscreen lotions. In the absence of those standards, the group has created a searchable database that helps consumers choose products deemed safe and effective, based on the group's criteria.

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