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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Clorox really isn't going green

The Sierra Club just lost a lot more points with me because of the pay offs they are taking from Clorox in their 'partnering' for a percentage of sales from Clorox's new so-called "green" products. Moeny is the issue of course.

As a person who directs a 501c3 organization I know how important it is to get donations, however the mega-corps always have a reason why the little organizations like CHI (the sponsor of Natural Health News) fails to meet criteria for grants and other donations.

These Clorox products still leave out a lot of definition of ingredients such as ├žolorant' and 'preservative'. Adding alkalinity builders is a must when you read the highly acid pH of things they use such as alkyl glycoside, lauramide oxide, sodium lauryl sulfate (a known carcinogen), fragrance, ethanol, soda ash (similar to lye), and some others.

Some of the ingredients are found to be manufactured with benzene (carcinogenic) and from synthetic base products as well as petroleum.

For my money, and not in support of the $10 B earned from corporate cleaning products annually, I use simple items. When I have to purchase something I support only those really green companies that have been in the busisness for years, like Bio-Kleen, Dr. Bronner's, Country Save, and others.

I am hoping you will do the same and skip the Clorox effort to be ( sort of) green!
The Green Works™ Ingredient List

Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner (99.93 percent natural): Filtered water, coconut-based cleaning agent (alkyl polyglucoside), corn-based ethanol, glycerine, essential lemon oil, biodegradable preservative, colorant

Green Works Natural Dilutable Cleaner (99.20 percent natural): Filtered water, coconut-based cleaning agents (alkyl polyglucoside, lauramine oxide, sodium lauryl sulfate), corn-based ethanol, natural alkalinity builders for enhanced performance (potassium citrate, potassium carbonate), fragrance with essential lemon oil, colorant

Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner (99.99 percent natural): Filtered water, coconut-based cleaning agent (alkyl polyglucoside), citric acid, lactic acid, essential lemon oil, natural thickener (xanthan gum), colorant

Green Works Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner (99.84 percent natural): Filtered water, coconut-based cleaning agent (alkyl polyglucoside), soda ash, corn-based ethanol, glycerine, and fragrance with essential lemon oil

Green Works Natural Bathroom Cleaner (99.00 percent natural): Filtered water, coconut-based cleaning agent (alkyl polyglucoside), glycolic acid (hydroxyacetic acid), and essential lemon oil


Anonymous said...

Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and sometimes vodka. Those are what I use for cleaning. But do you think these new Clorox products might be better than the more toxic alternatives for people who wouldn't normally use a natural product in any other circumstances? I don't think Clorox's target consumer group is people like us.

By the way, have you heard of the Take Back The Filter campaign? It's another Clorox issue. Clorox owns Brita water filters in North America, and while the filters can be recycled in Europe, they cannot be in the U.S. We are collecting petition signatures and used filters. Check it out:

herbalYODA said...

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