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Friday, July 04, 2008

If you can't give up your non stick pans, read this

Non-stick coatings have been tagged for a very long time as a persistent fluoride containing hazardous chemical.

We've commented on it before here (check those posts via search) and on our web site.

But here is a must read.

Lost without your Teflon? Restock your kitchen with these chemi-free cookware basics
here's an update offering more choices -----
Fear of Frying By Jolia Sidona Allen

If there’s one ubiquitous household item that’s bad karma to donate to your local thrift shop, it’s nonstick cookware.

In fact, Dupont (the makers of Teflon) and other industry leaders who use perfluorooctanoic acids (PFOA) found themselves in quite a sticky situation when the EPA urged a ban on the likely carcinogen a few years ago. (PFOA makers have agreed to phase out the chemical by 2015.) Even though PFOAs are only used in the manufacturing of the nonstick surface, the coating itself is made of worrisome polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a vinyl polymer.
While many a happy homemaker still subscribes to the myth that if the coating is not scratched it’s okay to keep using the pot, the truth is, even the off-gassing of a nonstick pan on low heat can be deadly to pet birds and cause flu-like symptoms in humans. The chemi-laden coating decomposes at around 400˚ F, a temperature easily reached in just two to three minutes on high heat.

Healthy cooks beware: nonstick isn’t the only culprit. Say sayonara to all aluminum cookware, antique or glazed ceramics that may contain lead, potentially problematic plastics and any enamel products not guaranteed lead-free, and stock your shelves with these healthy, eco-friendly cookware choices instead:

» Be the star of your very own home cooking show by sporting the cookware of the pros, All-Clad stainless steel (the least reactive metal) pots and pans. The aluminum center core radiates through the magnetic steel exterior for even heat distribution.

» If you don’t have roomy cabinets, time to scrub Tupperware or extra dough to invest in a ten-piece kitchen ensemble, Visions glass-ceramic cookware is the ideal one-man band. It’s dishwasher safe and can be used for rangetop, oven, broiler, refrigerator, freezer and in the microwave.

» Stir up your special sauce with 100 percent organic Bambu Natural Utensils finished with vegetable oils and waxes. These good-for-you-and-the-planet utensils are heat resistant and won’t stain or absorb flavors.

» When it comes to cast iron, you may be better off buying used because the surface of a cast iron skillet is seasoned with use and actually becomes more nonstick as it ages. But, if your urge to splurge has you surfing for a spanking new skillet, Lodge Manufacturing skillets should last you a lifetime.

» The famed Le Creuset delivers quality lead-free enamel products in all shapes, sizes, colors and price points. These pots are so durable, you may have to write them into your will. The Whistling Teakettle is sure to be a treasured

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