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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Winding Down Pink Projects for This Year

Today marks the end of the neverending spin and ultimate marketing/advertising campaign focused on breast cancer for another year. I don't believe women, once again, learned much more than what is spewed all over the media during October. I'm not sure where all of this fundraisng has moved things ahead. Over the past 40 years or so, as we surely don't have a 'cure', the race is still on and the money keeps rolling in.

Jean Enerson's ad for KING 5 doesn't help either.

Well ladies (men too), part of the problem is that the hype makes you want to believe you actually did something to help cure breast cancer. In fact you really may have made it worse.

The REAL cure rate from the current strategy is about 1-2 per cent. Not very good odds.

One of the highest causative factors - proven by science - nutrition.

The other striking causative factor - also proven by science and the ONE you DO need to SERIOUSLY consider - MAMMOGRAM CAUSES BREAST CANCER!

If you follow the folly of yearly mammogram starting at age 40, by the time you are 50 your risk of having cancer cells in your breasts increases by at least 45%; your risk of developing breast cancer increases by at least 30%.

A lot for you to consider when there is long standing scientific proof to back this up; prevention is available although you aren't being told this and much more; you son't have to be one of the 40,000 (2005 statisitcs) who gave their life while in the race to cure this serious health problem.

Just think before you pink...and demand thermography!

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