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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Politics and HIV/AIDS, MOS

While Bill and Melinda sprinkle their billions and those of Warren Buffet on issues such as HIV/AIDS, little of this money actually meets the outcome of the proposed funding directives.

Genetically engineered anti-retroviral drugs including Interferons (also GM AV drugs) do some good, however a key to this issue, especially in places such as Africa, is to supply real and adequate nutrition to the people.

Another issue not addressed by Gates is the natural health options used in Africa and other places over several decades that have helped thousands afflicted.

Also not funded are the four specific nutrients used to stop the replication of what is called the AIDS virus. Supplying these nutrients to people with AIDS in Africa and worldwide just might stop it in its tracks.

Now the money can go on to another use.

And perhaps Bill, Melinda and Warren might want to pick up a good read, for the cause, 'AIDS, Ebola and Emerging Viruses'.

I've been told the Gates Foundation scans the net for natural health sites to counter their good works, but I'd have to hear the facts on this first.

By the way, CHI would welcome a donation from the Gates foundation to help us continue our work.
Bill Gates pumps 100 million dollars for new research into AIDS Wed Oct 10, 3:23 PM ET

Research into a vaccine for AIDS, which is devastating in parts of southern Africa, got a boost following a 100 million dollar (70.6 million euro) initiative launched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The money, to be disbursed in grants over five years, beginning from 2008, will promote research into diseases afflicting poor countries, like AIDS and malaria, said a statement on the Foundation's website on Wednesday after a meeting of global health researchers in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dubbed Grand Challenges Explorations, the initiative would seek to "encourage scientists worldwide to explore creative, unorthodox ideas", it said.

"The new initiative ... will support hundreds of early-stage research projects, many pursuing ideas that have never before been tested, and involving scientists from a wide range of disciplines."

The overarching focus was the development of vaccines, diagnostic tools and drugs for diseases that claim millions of lives every year.

"To effectively tackle diseases like AIDS and malaria, we need to encourage the best and brightest minds to take risks on novel ideas," the Foundation's global health programme head, Tachi Yamada, said in the statement.

"Not all will bear fruit, but those that do could revolutionise the field of global health."

The initiative was announced on Tuesday at the Cape Town meeting.

The Foundation was created by multi-billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda to improve healthcare and reduce extreme poverty.

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