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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Microwave Mauls Nutrition

Many years ago a study was completed testing a number of people for health impacts surrounding consumption of microwaved food.

Before the trial the participants had a complete health work-up, including blood work for specific markers. Two of the markers were vitamin B12 and cholesterol.
After a period of ingesting microwaved food participants had repeat lab studies. The findings showed that cholesterol increased significantly and vitamin depletion was extensive. Nexus Magazine reported on this study as did Acres USA.
Now we have an epidemic of obesity and we have a serous problems with childhood obesity.

My thoughts in regard to the children's issue is an interplay of vaccines that are known to promote Metabolic Syndrome and immunity issues, along with increased focus on microwaved food, too many additives in food and over processing, high fructose corn syrup as artificial sweeteners, little exercise, too many video games and too much tv (and the advertising!).

It seems as if others share some of my same concerns -

Microwave Ovens And The Obesity Epidemic

And here is some additional data that might help sway you away from your microwave and help your health.

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