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Thursday, June 02, 2011

American Dietetic Association (ADA) Strengthening its Monopoly

Introducing "the PLATE".  The new tool government wants you to use that is still too high in grains, sugars, and obesity promoting food.  Just remember, this "new" tool cost taxpayers $2 million. I recall a couple of decades ago when "the PLATE" concept was used to teach nutrition.

May 2011 - The ADA is basically the clinical arm of the USDA and Big AG.  If you aren't sure you know about this group then maybe you have heard that in its "diabetes education" it promotes aspartame, sucralose, canola and soy.

And if you regularly read Natural Health News you know that these are very unhealthy foods.

If you go back a few decades you might even remember that ADA members serving as hospital dietitians (R.D.) brought about the extensive number of articles about the deaths and malnutrition associated with eating hospital food. 

Then we have the food pyramid that originally was health promoting until Big AG came in and made the USDA re-formulate it so that it promoted the foods that have led you down the slippery slope to the current obesity epidemic.  Along with obesity is the increase in many chronic diseases that are created by following ADA recommendations, such as the non fat / low fat diet craze of the last 30 years.

I am very familiar with the work of Elizabeth Lipski, the highly qualified nutritionist referenced in the above article.  She is an outstanding resource and extremely knowledgable, much more so that most dieticians I have encoutered in my health career.  I use her work as a required resouce for my students.  And I have recommended it to doctors as well.

You really have to put your thinking on the line here and understand what the mainstream control freaks are doing here, and it isn;t just to nutritionists.

As a health professional who has provided nutritional consulting over many decades I find this just one more way the corporatocracy and the bureauracracy will be limiting and dumbing down your health care options.

Read more here about the food pyramid, A Fatally Flawed Food Guide

One example of R.D. misinformation -
The important point to remember is that vitamins over certain levels are shown to act like drugs. Many individuals take vitamins not knowing what amounts they are receiving or why they are taking them, putting them at risk for other issues. Susan B. Dopart

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Brandon Marx said...

Diet has always been my first priority when it come to health, proper balanced diet saves us from many diseases through out our life, I planned my diet with the help of family physicians.