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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Didn't Luise Light's Pyramid Come First?

Here is a good resource, but not new if you have been studying nutrition for over forty years, then you might defer to Adele Davis and Luise Light or FMI

University Of Michigan Integrative Medicine Clinical Services Unveils Healing Foods Pyramid

ScienceDaily (2005-03-21) -- The University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Clinical Services (UMIMCS) has unveiled its Healing Foods Pyramid, which emphasizes foods known to have healing benefits, plant-based choices, variety and balance, support of a healthful environment, and mindful eating. ... > read full article

And since fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants helpful to prevent inflammation and preserve muscle mass it might be much more worth your while to sign on to such a plan.


mary sparrowdancer said...

Luise Light's Pyramid was not Luise Light's. Her pyramid suggested the diet be based upon fruits and vegetables, not grains. The Grain & Cereal industry then altered the Pyramid to make the foundation based on grains.

herbalYODA said...

Here's one of several related posts that discusses the issue you raised.