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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Everything's Gonna Be Made Out of Plastic

Woody Guthrie sang about the future a long time ago in his song "Talking Columbia".  In this song Woody talks about plastic, some time in the 1940s.

Today everything may or may not be made out of plastic but almost almost everything is!  What makes it more troubling is that some where in the statistics you learn that just 15%-20% of crude oil is used for gasoline.  

More troubling to know is that about 50% of all crude oil is used for plastics. 

How about buying less plastic.  Surely this would lower the need to drill and buy foreign oil. 

China Petroleum is reported to be the worlds largest company (est. over $1trillion) and purchaser of crude oil, mostly used for plastic production.  This of course just increases global demand and drives up fuel cost. 

Big Oil only gains a portion of their sales from gasoline or fuel sales.  Other revenue sources include oils, pavement on roads, plastics, polymers, etc. 

Record profits are not really from fuel cost but rather an explosion in the demand for plastic and synthetic polymers.

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