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Monday, April 04, 2011

See, It's Not Just Me About Green Tea

For many of those who have been following my work since the mid 80s, and a colleague or two over the years, there now is some additional data on risk from green tea.
We have reported on the risk of pancreatic cancer from green tea.
While I realize that most in the US go for headlines and hype rather than serious academic reporting, I am glad to have come across this data recently -
A recent study published in the journal, Biopharmaceutics & Drug disposition (Alemdaroglu et al, 2008), suggests that drinking either green or black tea may actually lower the bioavailability of folic acid. 
This and previous research suggests that consuming green or oolong tea is associated with lower serum folate levels in pregnant women.  Given the potential adverse effects of folate deficiency on fetal malformations such as neural tube defects, pregnant women should restrict their intake of these teas during pregnancy. This research suggests that trying to offset the effect of green tea consumption by supplementation with vitamins or dietary intake of folate may not be effective.  Pregnant women may incorrectly assume that green tea is a healthy option given its other known salutary effects.
Vitamin B9 is folate, B vitamins

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