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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reducing Fat Leads to Obesity

A new study examining the dietary habits of Americans over a 25-year period has revealed that while overall fat intake reduced by 3%, obesity in men tripled and in women doubled. The research – published this month in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – also reveals that carbohydrate intake increased by 4% over the same period, while protein intake fell slightly. 

This is clear evidence that reducing a nation’s fat intake isn’t going to impact on weight problems. 

Fat does not make you fat – it’s too many refined carbohydrates and sugar that are the culprits. This is why eating a low-GL diet works so well, because it reduces intake of the harmful kinds of carbohydrate while increasing protein and healthy fats from sources like oily fish, nuts and seeds. This balances your blood sugar and helps you achieve, and maintain, a healthy weight. 

And speaking about too many refined carbs and sugar,
Check this out, only three foods make my cut: Steel Cut Oats, King Arthur organic flour, and quinoa.  The rest are JUNQUE!

The Healthiest Carbs In Your Supermarket



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Jimmy said...

This seems so counterintuitive. Don't want to be fat... eat fat. Uh, what? But I know this is true. In my own battle with wait, it is about the intake of calories and also how those calories "satisfy".

Thanks for the reminder.


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