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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink Cause Marketing

20 years of Cause Marketing
I started to wonder why corporations, which on every other front care about making money, suddenly “get philanthropy” when it comes to breast cancer. Now I question the motivation of companies who slap the pink ribbon on their products. I feel exploited as a survivor and feel that most companies use the pink ribbon to increase their sales. Source

Selections from Natural Health News

Oct 05, 2009
4 September 2010 - The Pink Cause Marketing is getting underway once again. I just received a spam from a PR firm about a massage clinic in Seattle that would give $15 from each massage to the Komen Foundation. ...

Oct 02, 2010
This is why for more than a decade we have been saying THINK Before You Pink! Women's Health Month is March, and that is not too far away. FDA Warns of Potential of Serious Side Effects with Topical Numbing Agents . ...

October Pink Promotions
Oct 01, 2008
In your effort to not be swayed by massive marketing of pink lids on toxic products join the campaign to stop Yoplait from using rGBH hormone laced milk to make their synthetic goop. Yoplait touts its yogurt as being healthy for women, ...

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