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Monday, January 31, 2011

Drug Disposal Safety

I am a TV channel flipper most likely because I generally rely on it for noise and few really good programs.

Flipping the other night I came across Dog the Bounty Hunter's 200th episode and got one big shock.  The crew was flushing coke down the toilet at Dog's direction. BAD DOG!

I was hot on his tail for this egregious act, just because municipal water supplies cannot clean these drugs out of the system. 

No wonder everyone is out of sorts for being medicated without their knowledge or permission.

Here is the current policy fyi

Addressing Unchecked Dumping of Drugs in Waterways

Selected posts from Natural Health News

Dec 16, 2009
Customers should not dispose of drug patches (birth control, nicotine, etc.) or other medical products in the toilet or down the drain. A list of approved disposal sites can be found by visiting ...
Sep 19, 2008
And while most pharmaceutical waste is unmetabolized medicine that is flushed into sewers and waterways through human excretion, the AP examined institutional drug disposal and its dangers because unused drugs add another substantial ...
Nov 15, 2008
Because water treatment facilities cannot remove the chemicals from the water supply all of us are inundated with drug metabolites including hormones to chemotherapy. Be wise and incinerate. Check with a local pharmacy or hospital in ...

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