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Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Problems with Wind Power

Back in 1998 I reported on a story about how the microwave cellular, TV, and related broadcasting towers had a negative effect on the flight paths of song birds.  This story did try to raise awareness of the fact that the problem would continue to  increase as towers proliferated.  I am certainly sure that commercial, profit motive minded inventors ignored these warnings.  Certainly we have seen devastation to bats, bees, and birds as these constructs multiply.

Have we yet to hear from the like of Google and others in the wind power controversy anything about sustainability to agriculture and aqua culture and this close relationship to their investing plans?  Not sure they define green as I do.

A study has revealed that a wind turbine's colour affects how many insects it attracts, shedding more light on why the turbines kill bats and birds.
Scientists say that turbines, most commonly painted white or grey, draw in insects. These then lure bats and birds - as they pursue their prey - into the path of the turbine blades.
Support for the idea comes from another study showing that bats are most often killed by turbines at night and in summer, when insects are most abundant. READ COMPLETE STORY
And read about how wind turbines change the weather -

clipped from Natural Health News
Jan 24, 2009
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May 03, 2008
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