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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Noise and Big Wind

As the WIND bandwagon rolls along we wonder just what it is doing, going green or going greenbacks?

Keep up with the  real issues from our coverage of this important issue on Natural Health News -

Oregon County Tells Wind Farm To Quiet Down


Don’t be tricked by the great Cape Wind masquerade

2 of many posts from Natural Health News

More Problems with Wind Power
Oct 17, 2010
Have we yet to hear from the like of Google and others in the wind power controversy anything about sustainability to agriculture and aqua culture and this close relationship to their investing plans? Not sure they define green as I do.
Health Risks and Industrial Wind Turbines
Jan 24, 2009
UPDATE: 28 April, 2010 - Wind farm off Cape Cod approved Perhaps Barry is ignorant of the risks of wind turbines. SAVE OUR SOUND announces law suits to be filed ORIGINAL POST 1/24/09 Dr. Magda Havas Ph.D., Associate Professor of ...

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