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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

RoundUp? Get Monsanto

UPDATE: 24 September

While most people seem to know about how Round Up affects plants and other agricultural impact, often they are not so aware of how it affects people, and of course wild life.
Here is a new report linking the chemical to birth defects.

UPDATE: 31 August 2010:
85% of all GM crops are genetically modified to tolerate Monsanto's "Roundup Ready (RR) herbicide. Promoted as being safe, it is now the world's most widely used herbicide.
2 senior US plant scientists now warn that RR poses a major threat to US food production:
Roundup Ready (RR) renders soil infertile.
It strips minerals & beneficial metals from plants, making them more prone to disease & less nutritious.
It promotes the growth of 4 soil fungi: Fusarium, Phythium, Rhizoctonia & Phytophthora, which can cause plant death.
It is toxic to good soil bacteria like rhiozbia, which fixes nitrogen.
It increases toxins in plants - a serious health risk for animals & humans. The toxins in straw from RR- exposed crops can be high enough to make cattle & pigs infertile.
Roundup also threatens all natural non-GM crops exposed to RR on the wind, or grown on soils sprayed with RR in previous years.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. Institute of Science in Society 19.5.10
"Green HealthWatch" mag from

Killer RoundUp: Weed killer kills human cells
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Just like his Monsanto buddies that urge you to use RoundUp. All that does is increase your risk of cancer and give you bigger weeds to kill with more and more RoundUp. I'm packing some big guns here and you don't cross my corner. ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know it never ceases to amaze me how the so-called educated and enlightened always do the dumbest stuff. Why are these 'scientists' always trying to improve on nature? Always their improvements prove time and again disastrous for all. Mother nature has had it right all along.

We have been on this planet for millions of years scientifically or thousands of years biblically, in any case for a very long time and we still can't get it right. If earth is truly a school then human beings are the dumbest students.