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Friday, June 11, 2010

Pecans Foster Healthy Nerves

LOWELL, Mass., June 11 (UPI) -- Eating pecans daily may delay age-related muscle nerve degeneration, U.S. researchers suggest.

Lead researcher Thomas Shea of the Center for Cellular Neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell carried out a number of laboratory studies on three groups of mice especially bred to demonstrate a decline in motor neuron function.

The researchers found mice fed a dietsupplemented with ground pecans had a significant delay in decline in motor function compared to mice receiving no pecans. Mice eating the diet with the most pecans -- 0.05 percent -- fared best.

Results were based on how the mice on the control diet vs. those on the pecan-enriched diet performed in specific tests.

The study, published in Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research, suggests pecans contain a high amount of a natural antioxidants that help fight against cell damage.

"These findings suggest regular consumption of pecans may provide significant nutritive and antioxidant benefits for your body," Shea said in statement.

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P. Ropecia said...

The theme of blog is very beautiful. And sharing about pecans foster healthy nerves.

Sunny said...

I agree that this blog theme is very beautiful! Also, I'm going to put shelled pecan halves on my grocery list!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comments, and please make sure to buy organic raw nuts for best health!