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Monday, May 03, 2010

Your Gifted Child

In some ways being a gifted child is a burden.  I taught myself to read and write at about age 3.  I am a very rapid learner and I evaluate knowledge on may levels.  I also have always had some emotional connection to things in my world as well as seeing words in pictures.

One of my college professors in biology had a way to use words to paint pictures of what you were learning.

A friend from year ago with whom I recently reconnected, after his amazingly adventurous life in Asia, asked me how I remembered so many things from so long ago. I couldn't quite answer him and suggested it may be a curse.  That was until I read something Albert Einstein wrote -

I think with intuition. The basis of true thinking is intuition.
Indeed, it is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity.
Intuition tells a man his purpose in life.
One never goes wrong following his feelings.
I don’t mean emotions, I mean feelings,
for feelings and intuition are one.

 "There are many lists of characteristics of gifted children, but not every gifted child displays every characteristic," she tells ParentDish. "The simplest description is that the gifted child learns faster and deeper than other children of the same age, and feels more acutely than his or her same-age peers. Some gifted children do puzzles years earlier than their peers, others read early, often by teaching themselves."
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