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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Drive Now, Talk Later

Click and Clack are favorite talk show hosts and I've been listening to their banter for years and years on CarTalk.

Long before Oprah ever noticed how damaging it is to drive and talk or text, these intrepid fellows were handing out their bumper stickers like hot potatoes on a cold morning.

And it has been a decade or more since I plastered my bumper with one of their sticky notices. Their newest bumper sticker can be found at

You can also read some of their information about why talking and driving isn't a good idea here

You might also like to know that the original and copyright NO CELL PHONE ZONE logo was created long before Oprah ever got the idea.  For some one now trying to get you not to talk and drive she sure has given out a lot of cell phones and forgotten to credit those who have been enlightening folks for years and years.

Also ahead of the glamour pack you'll find 112 posts on Natural Health News about cell phone issues.  And it is much more serious than not talking or texting while you drive.

My original web site,, also has an entire section titled "Electro-Smog" that has been education folks since the mid-90s.

And don't forget cell phones have a true record of negative health impacts.  Just ask me about them or find more information here on Natural Health News.

Once again, Oprah needs to be doing better....

What you don't know CAN hurt you.  SO if you'd like to know more request our EMF Healthy Handout©©


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