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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prevent Amputation

Recent reports indicate that the risk of amputation for people with diabetes is increasing.

Rise in diabetes limb amputations
By Emma Wilkinson, BBC News health reporter

The number of people in England having a limb amputated because of type-two diabetes has risen dramatically, a study has shown.

Between 1996 and 2005, below-ankle amputations doubled to more than 2,000, and major amputations increased by 43%.  Read complete article
Certainly there are many factors in this equation regarding food quality, food quantity, newer medications, lack of exercise, lack of access to clean water, and lack of prevention efforts.

The circulatory problems in diabetes can be prevented and along with this, reduction and/or elimination of the risk of amputation.

For decades those of us in natural health have known that several nutrients taken in therapeutic dose will forestall this problem.

Natural vitamin E, vitamin C, RK BioBlend, B vitamins, EFAs, and herbs like non-irradiated cayenne (35,000 HU), good garlic, as well as other approaches can help you extremely well.  Using a health promoting food plan can be important too.

A Massage Technique for ulcers.

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