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Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's SICKNESS Care, Not 'Health' Care

Dick nails the issue pretty clearly, although I added a note re: health clubs and medicare.
From Dick Fojut, 8-22-9

The label "HEALTH"-CARE is false, misleading.

The label should be SICKNESS-CARE"

This so-called "HEALTH CARE REFORM" debate is entirely about SICKNESS CARE

At a 1992 nationally televised "MANAGED (Medical Insurance) CARE" conference, attended by Sen. Bob Dole and Hillary Clinton (both Big HMO/Big Insurance shills in my opinion), a gutsy guy in the audience, from a small Minnesota HMO, spoke out honestly, attempting to correct all speaking at the conference:

He stated the truth - but was quickly ignored.

How did the misleading label "HEALTH" CARE replace SICKNESS CARE?

Decades back, clever Public Relations people in the For-Profit Insurance business (parroted by organized Big Medicine and Big Pharma) conned us into adopting the inaccurate, misleading label "HEALTH"-CARE to describe what Medical Doctors and Medical Hospitals provide!

The misleading label of "HEALTH"-CARE has now confused the thinking of most of us. The same false label is being repeated by EVERY prominent voice publicly writing and speaking out - on ALL sides!

(When I was a kid during the 1930s Depression, there was accurately labeled "HOSPITALIZATION Insurance" - if you could afford it. Not "HEALTH" Insurance! The Doc's fees were usually included. Family Doctors earned much less. Medical Insurance Companies were fewer and smaller by comparison to the nationally dominating For-Profit giants they have become in America during and since World War 2.)


* People go to Medical DOCTORS and Medical HOSPITALS for SICKNESS (and Injury) CARE, not for "Health" Care

(Healthy people don't go to Doctors and Hospitals. People go to Doctors and Hospitals when they are SICK or INJURED!)
Big Pharma's Drugs (and "medicines") are given to SICK people!

* Medical Insurance Policies pay for SICKNESS (and Injury) CARE, not for "Health"


(NOT medical doctors and hospitals - and especially NOT Big Pharma with their toxic "Flu Vaccines" they plan to infect millions with this fall - following orthodoxy's controversial theory a small amount of Vaccine toxin will "STIMULATE" our IMMUNE SYSTEMS to react and produce MORE "anti-bodies" - to fight later "invasions" of LARGER amounts of the same toxins or "Viruses")
By 2009, better informed Americans and their families have been keeping themselves (and their IMMUNE SYSTEMS) healthier through better nutrition (consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, less junk food) along with taking added Vitamin/Mineral supplements.

Many more people today exercise their bodies! Fitness Gyms and their trainers actually DO provide some "Health" care. But Insurance policies don't pay people to use gyms or even exercise to keep their bodies fit - OR pay for vitamin and mineral supplements from a health food store! (Nor does inadequate government "MEDICARE" insurance.) (NB: Medicare Advantage pays for Health Clubs but there is almost no access if your live in rural America)

Some Nutrionists and their books, also give us good advice about maintaining and improving our health - but Insurance Policies don't pay for that kind of advice or books.

We can also credit our national and local governments (NOT Doctors, Hospitals & Drug Companies) for giving us PUBLIC HEALTH CARE by keeping our drinking water pure - and (though less effectively) keeping our food supplies relatively safe.

Whether we continue handing over the hundreds of billions in profits the FOR-PROFIT private Sickness Insurance Corporations extract from us - OR decide to have the government (clumsily?) run a NON-PROFIT Sickness Insurance plan for all (similar to our Medicare) as they do in England, Europe and Canada - let us at least accurately label this current crisis "SICKNESS CARE REFORM" (which includes "SICKNESS" INSURANCE REFORM). That's what it is really all about.

Courtesy: Rense News

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