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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Canadian Community Proclaims Electrosensitivity Month

The City of Colwood on Vancouver Island (Canada) are proud to announce that the City has proclaimed August as Electromagnetic Sensitivity Awareness Month. This is a first for Canada, as it joins many other countries in recognizing this new environment-related illness.
from GreenMuze
In an unprecedented move, the City of Colwood on Vancouver Island in western Canada, has declared August Electromagnetic Sensitivity Month (EMS). Although a first for Canada, many countries around the world recognize that EMS is a chronic illness with a hypersensitive reaction to electromagnetic radiation for which there is no known cure. Symptoms of EMS include dermatitis, acute numbness and tingling, arrhythmia, muscular weakness, overwhelming fatigue, headaches, sensitivity to light and severe neurological problems.

Colwood Mayor, David Saunders, explains that relief for EMS sufferers can only be obtained by limiting exposure to radiation-emitting devices such as cellphones, wireless technology, FM and cell transmitters and CFL light bulbs, which is becoming increasingly difficult in an electromagnetic emission saturated world.

EMS is currently recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Government, the Americans with Disability Act and numerous other international organizations as an environmental sensitivity, explains the Mayor’s letter to the community.

The Mayor further explains that the general population is at risk from chronic, long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Bravo to Colwood Mayor David Saunders.
from Natural Health News

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