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Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Drug Promoting Insanity

As I've been saying lately, what we have in the US is medical care, not health care. And the medical care we have ranks very low in comparison to many other countries.

There are many reasons for this poor state of affairs, and here are a few reasons why things are as they are -
1. Older people should take anti hypertensive drugs even if they do not have hypertension.

This idea seems to be the brainchild of some medical researchers in the UK. They believe a "polypill" made up of the standard drugs used currently as the cookie cutter treatment for blood pressure will prevent heart disease and stroke.

My choice would be vitamin E and magnesium, plus a more customized individual plan for anyone concerned about these issues.

2. The anti-cholesterol drug fenofibrate (Tricor or Triglide)appears to reduce risks of amputation for diabetics by as much as 36 percent, a study has found. This drug runs about $75 for 90 pills. And it has some great side effects I know everyone wants to experience, especially when hit with their impact by surprise because the prescriber overlooked explaining them, as required by law.

The study was published in a special edition on diabetes by The Lancet, which included another study on how rigorous monitoring and control of blood sugar reduces heart attacks.

Well, just for starters, how is amputation directly related to controlling blood sugar and reducing heart attacks?

Perhaps these medical whiz kids need to go back to the drawing board to read the research that says anti-cholesterol drugs do not reduce risk of heart attack, and they don't really do much for LDL or blood sugar lowering either.

However, if a person with diabetes takes adequate amounts of vitamin E daily, they will find that they can prevent neuropathy and the reduce the risk of losing toes, feet, or limbs.

And because vitamin E is an oxygenator it can act to lower blood pressure as doing is increased over time.

A little Alli-C thrown in the mix easily increases the benefits, and garlic has some blood sugar lowering effect as well.

Then there is Kufner's Powder, heavily laden with B vitamins and trace minerals, shown in the very first hospital based study to reverse gangrene in a limb of an older man with diabetes. And consider enzymes, especially lipase, it might be beneficial.

Seems to be another indication we need more open minds and more creative thinking in medicine now days...

3. "A study by Cancer Research UK found that pancreatic cancer can spread quickly to a tumor, despite a healthy blood supply, and gave evidence why conventional cancer treatments such as Eli Lilly and Co's Gemzar were often ineffective.

The study found that combining cancer treatment Gemzar with Infinity Pharmaceutical's experimental drug IPI-926 made the treatment work better in mice with pancreatic cancer."

Yes, the treatment works better in mice!

And the statistics are not good: "Pancreatic cancer is diagnosed in 230,000 people across the world each year, with 7,600 new cases in Britain and 37,000 new cases in the United States, according to Cancer Research UK."

So what might you do?

Well, there is a natural treatment that has been proven in an FDA funded study that seems to get up to an 83% cure rate.

It has lots of vitamins and enzymes, plus a different nutritional approach.

And after you've looked over just these three items consider that in 1999, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued an alarming report titled "To Err is Human," detailing the toll of preventable medical errors in the U.S; it estimated that up to 98,000 Americans die annually from them.

Comments on this study show that now a decade later as more than 100,000 people are dying from the same cause, as the CDC reports, why aren't the "right" questions being asked.

Are we really hoping for reform in medical care?


Anonymous said...

I have just recently found you website and am enjoying it. In your last post you mentioned a natural treatment for pancreatic cancer that the FDA funded study seems to get up to an 83% cure rate. Could you please elaborate?

Unknown said...

The method was developed by Dr. William Kelley who used it to cure his pancreatic and liver cancer in the early 1960s. Today it is available through health practitioners who are taught the method, using many nutrients, very potent enzymes and a specific diet. I learned the method in 2003. The method was evaluated at Columbia and there is an MD in NYC that provides the treatments. More information about providers in your area can be obtained from College Health Stores in Texas.