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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Honey Adds Health Benefits

UPDATE: 7 May 2009
Honey users may wish to be warned of antibiotic treated honey imported from China, but labelled otherwise.

Prosecutors say men lied about source of honey

Originally posted 12/26/08

For thousands of years raw honey has been a healing food and medicine. Now studies show that it offers much in the way of naturally sweetening and preserving food, serving as good alternatives to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and chemical food preservatives.

Honey soothes a sore throat or cough, helps you sleep better, heals wounds, and provides a good source of energy when participating in high energy demand activity.

When purchasing honey make sure you use a reliable supplier and that the honey has not been heated. Once heated, such as many cooking sources suggest (the worst is microwaving), honey becomes as damaging to health as HFCS.

Honey Adds Health Benefits, Is Natural Preservative And Sweetener In Salad Dressings

ScienceDaily (2008-12-24) -- Antioxidant-rich honey is a healthy alternative to chemical additives and refined sweeteners in commercial salad dressings, said a new study. ... > read full article

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One reader comments that "Manuka honey is an excellent all round for the medical cabinet and skin care".

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