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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Natural Health Tip - PPI

For most people who would like a natural replacement for anti-acid drugs start first by getting a true evaluation of the hydrochloric acid level in your stomach.

If it is low then consider using Betaine HCl supplements.

In addition, consider that drinking fluids with a meal lowers the available HCl and digestive enzymes produced by your body to help in digestion and metabolism. Drink liquids before you eat, chew your food very thoroughly, and wait a good hour or so to drink more liquid.

Using high quality digestive enzymes, like our full spectrum blend, with each meal will help substantially especially if you are older than 35.

A taste of Celtic salt, a cayenne capsule, a glass of apple cider vinegar tea or just sipping a glass of tepid water will go a long way to improve the acid problem you may be facing.

Another good suggestion is to use bitters. Contact us for our effective formula.

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