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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bisphosphonates, X-Rays and Your Jaw

It amazes me that - for the most part - people who have been prescribed the bisphosphonate osteoporosis drugs have no knowledge that these drugs have serious risks.

One of the main risks is that they are based in fluoride compounds. Fluoride is known to cause this type of reaction - that is "swiss cheese" bone structure that leads to brittle and weak bones.

Now it seems that medical pundits want you to be exposed to cancer causing ionizing radiation in x-ray diagnosis of the problem of rotting jaw bone, a serious side effect of these drugs.

In order to prevent reliance on the drugs that are commonly used in medical care for osteoporosis, we have developed a protocol that is based on natural treatment and people who choose it, after we provide them with the educational material that is required, seem to do very well with getting healthier bones.

X-rays Help Predict Permanent Bone Damage From Bisphosphonates

ScienceDaily (2009-05-12) -- Bisphosphonates have been found to place people at risk for developing osteonecrosis of the jaws (a rotting of the jaw bones). Dentists, as well as oncologists, are now using X-rays to detect "ghost sockets" in patients that take these drugs and when these sockets are found, it signals that the jawbone is not healing the right way. Early detection of these ghost sockets can help the patient avoid permanent damage to their jawbone. ... > read full article


Unknown said...

I received an interesting comment to this post.

Oddly the anonymous writer seems to ignore the fact that the writer from SciAm wrote something they objected to and believes it is my writing.

The anonymous writer also seems to object to my concern that so few know that ionizing radiation (X-ray) is a cancer causing procedure because radiation is cumulative (this is why radiology dept staff wear radiation tags that monitor their exposure levels). The anonymous writer is also probably not aware that I am a natural health expert as well as being a 35+ medical professional and am aware of much more than meets the eye, including the risks and benefits of x-ray. I guess they did not bother to read my profile. I'd also say the scare tactics fall into the failure of most health care professionals today that fail to properly inform their patients as the law requires.

I am including an edited version of the anonymous comment -
"...I am sure this comment will not make it to your website I will rite it anyway.
You accuse the medical field of an awful lot of things here but are you yourself not using scare tactics?
"cancer causing and bone rotting"
It sounds like you are using some pretty broad brush strokes here.
Terrifying people away from medical treatment is as unethical as the accusations you make against the "medical pundits".
How great is the chance that a person with osteoporosis will die from a fragility fracture of the hip in comparison to the number of people that have these horrific side effects? The answer is much greater!
I do not disagree that education is the key and that people should be fully informed of what they put in their bodies, but don't terrify them to do so.
"...inform yourself about xrays and their effects... aware of their risks AND their benefits before having anything done."

Unknown said...

The pro-medical anonymous commenter seems to have been from Brant Community Healthcare in Canada.