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Thursday, April 23, 2009

That Pink Salt from Pakistan

UPDATE: 16 June - For those who don't seem to grasp the problem with fluoride, whether natural or chemical, please take the time to glean some facts from this 2008 article by John Graham: Riding the Fluoride Tiger.
I would like to have anyone interested in "Himalayan" salt to understand one thing about the fluoride content in this product, and consider the implications very seriously.

The other day an anonymous visitor to Natural Health News sent the following comment - "Naturally occurring fluoride (and iodine) have a much different effect on the body than their industrially refined chemical counterparts."

I would like to reply by asking this anonymous visitor, or anyone else who ignores science in favor of marketing hype, just like the American Dental Association spews out, or those pushing municipal water fluoridation, if for one moment in time they looked into the science.

And I also wish to propose the following query, wondering if anyone asked just exactly why it is that so why do so many countries around the world - such as China, India, etc - have endemic fluorosis from "naturally occurring" fluoride???

Perhaps you will ask this of the MLM or other mail order companies marketing pink Himalayan salt as a cure for everything...

Remember just this one thing: Fluoride, even in a naturally occurring state, is a POISON and has CUMULATIVE effects.

POST SCRIPT: Ed Leach wanted this information posted: "As the Original inporter of Himalayan Crystal Salt from Pakistan, I can say with confidence, supported by laboratory analysis, that our brand, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt contains less than .01ppm of fluoride. This amount is barely measureable and I have been assured by many scientists that it poses no threat to human beings."

Leach has contacted us previously.

As a scientist and researcher in the health field for many decades I cannot accept the position that fluoride is safe. Fluoride IS a TOXIC, CUMULATIVE POISON. Fluoride is commonly used as a rat and ant poison and fertilizers. It's run-off damages aquatic life in places such as Puget Sound, causing skeletal damage and bone tumours.

For more information, where you can decide for yourself, please read more here.

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