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Monday, April 06, 2009

Health Care and Economics

Perhaps one reason we have a problem with job loss today is that holders of the Oval Office brought us NAFTA and GATT. You aren't hearing this in the news, however. These "agreements" are among the reasons why so many jobs have been lost over the last few decades, and things aren't going much better right now.

It seems too that health care is taking a bigger than expected hit as the fat cats get their bonuses and people lose jobs and insurances. We have not heard that Congress, their staff and bureaucrats offer to take a cut in pay, lesser perks, and forgo bonuses. There is a transparency issue here, Barack!

This could not be a better time to take a hard look at what you can do to become more in charge of your health.

It is also a time when mainstream media would be talking with people like me who can give valid and scientifically based information about how natural health care can be of great help during these times.

Not being a TV watcher I just happened to zero in on 60 Minutes last night because of a health related report. The focus was on people in Nevada who have been pushed into a dark hole of no access to care because of cuts at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, especially the cancer care services.

I think CBS and UMC should get together to make the useful facts about how herbs, vitamins, supplements and nutrition do heal people from cancer and other chronic disease. Of course on the front end these approaches prevent dis-ease too.

This BLOG has, along with our long-established domains on the web, provides information to help do just this. We also have much more information that we could ever get posted on any of our three sites, and in collaboration with other friends and colleagues.

We are not trying to overtake the market like a competitor with a similar name, seemingly obsessed with SEO and control of information.

We are trying to get you to not give up hope and to know there are things you can do to help, and keep, your health.


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SEO? What's that?

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SEO is Search Engine Optimization.