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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Natural Ways to Help Stop Smoking

A reader was looking for natural alternatives to Chantix/Champix, so I thought I'd provide some information based on methods I've suggested to people over the years that have been very helpful.

I generally suggest that if you are a smoker you add vitamin C to your daily routine. Each cigarette you smoke causes you to lose 100 mg to 500 mg. Vitamin C does help protect your lungs and your health in general.

I also suggest vitamin A (a combined A/beta-carotene product because many cannot convert beta-c to A) because it protects the mining of your respiratory system.

And of course vitamin E (natural only, not soy based or the artificial type, dl tocopherol acetate) because it helps oxygen cross the from the lungs to blood.

Start with a switch to no-chemicals-added tobacco. Many reservation tobacco stores offer these cigarettes under tribal brands. American Spirit is a commercial and pricey brand sold in most stores.

Smokers who use menthol cigarettes do seem to have a harder time quitting according to studies I have read.

We have offered a variety of products:

Homeopathic tablets or drops

Herbal liquid drops and Herbal capsules

Light-activated drops and soaks to help remove the nicotine from the body

If you're interested in learning more about any of the options we have available, just get in touch with us for more information.


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No Tobacco said...

We are born in a smoke free world and it is just right that we strive to offer our children the same kind of environment. Be involved and help empower everyone by taking part in the yearly WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY which will be on May 31st!