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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bone Health is not Helped with Soap or Fluoride

Today's news reported that Nancy Reagan was hospitalized and treated for a fractured pelvis. The report mentions this is the second time she has fallen and suffered related events.

The news photo shows her to be in what I would describe as frail appearing.

In comparison, I think of Jack and Elaine LaLanne and how vital both look at 90+ and 80+.

I'm not sure about Nancy but I do know that Ron had a habit for a particular cola type diet soda which probably contributed to his Alzheimer's condition. Soda, especially colas do have the potential to lead to osteoporosis. Many commonly prescribed medications also are known to lead to bone health issues as does fluoride.

Later today, in my email I received something from one of the medical lists to which I subscribe. I followed the link and low and behold what appeared was an ad for Actonel.

Osteopenia (Low Bone Mass) and Fracture Risk: A Call To Action
Currently, decisions to initiate treatment intervention for the prevention
of osteoporosis-related fractures are often based on treatment criteria from the
National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) or derived from osteoporosis diagnostic
criteria from the World Health Organization (WHO). and it continued...

Actonel is Proctor & Gamble's bisphosphonate prescription drug alleging to help you gain stronger bones.

P & G is known for a lot of unnecessary animal testing on many of their products. Actonel contains some of the same ingredients as P & G's TIDE detergent. There are a number of risks associated with Actonel.

Other drugs for osteopenia and osteoporosis are fluoride based and these are known to lead to more fractures because they make bones hard and brittle, not strong and flexible. Many of these drugs are associated with cancer of the esophagus.

Osteoporosis can effect both women and men.

I usually suggest that people consider using a high quality vitamin-mineral compound with vitamins D3 and K, as well as high absorption calcium.

To that I add select cell salts and nettle.

This is such a beneficial combination that a woman I have worked with actually proved to the doctor that her bones were strengthening without Fosamax.

This week an elderly gentleman I know started using the nettle compound. He always seems to be a little anemic and nettle is know as the herbalists iron, so it should help him in this way as well as benefiting his prostate condition.

Exercise really must be a part of the equation too. Rebounders, walking, strength training and others are good. Any exercise can be adapted to your situation, even if you are limited to bed or chair.

And don't forget good nutrition!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dearest H.Y. will you tell us the exact formula to buy as well as the kind of cell salts and nettles? Also what amounts of each to take daily for post menopausal women?

Would a daily teaspoon of cod liver oil be good for the vitamin D3? How about the MK-7 you wrote about--should that be added to this remedy?

God bless you for your help! I really love your blog!