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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Barley and Health

Barley is a well known survival food. Fermented foods promote health and in this case may be effective in making this new style of tempeh agreeable with gluten intolerant people.

I have eaten tempeh for a long time, am partial to the rice variety, and always recommend this as a safe soy food (again it is the fermentation). I have one of the very best recipes for "meat" loaf made from tempeh, and no one would ever guess it is a vegan delight.

Barley, again, being one of the key ingredients in our new product, RK BioDrops.

New Vegetarian Food With Several Health Benefits

ScienceDaily (2008-05-30) -- A new vegetarian food that boosts the uptake of iron and offers a good set of proteins. The food, called tempe, is moreover a whole-grain product with high folate content. It is generally accepted in medicine that whole-grains reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and it is also believed that it protects against age-related diabetes and certain forms of cancer. The B vitamin folate is the natural form of folic acid and, among other things, is necessary for normal fetal development. ... > read full article

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