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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Scientist Opens Door on Cellular Industry

Mobile phones - an inconvenient truth

WE ALL know that 'passive smoking' is bad for you - that's why lighting up is on the no-no list everywhere you go nowadays. But whayt about 'passive' radiation from other people's mobile phones and the masts which are springing up all over the porkin' place? Nothing to worry about? A stupid fuss about nothing?

Not according to Robert Kane, PhD, former Motorola Senior Research Scientist, who has gone public with his conscience: He says: "Recent research indicates that even short-term exposure to radiation power densities emanating from a nearby cell phone suffices to modify brainwaves, affect short-term memory, and modify an individual's ability to perform physical tasks such as driving an automobile."

"Every time someone in an automobile next to you activates his cell phone or someone at a table in a restaurant near to you activates her phone, your brain is being irradiated. The cell phone users also include everyone nearby by bringing everyone into the high-risk pool".

"The available research indicates that the operation of a nearby cell phone exposes a non-user to radiation, some of which is deposited into the brain of the non-user, at levels higher than necessary to elicit undesirable biological effects even though the phone may be more than ten feet away from him"

"After that cell phone user departs, he leaves behind, within the brain of every nearby person, the residual effects and damage. These are effects and damage known to the scientific community but not acknowledged by the industry placing their products into the commercial stream"

This ties in with the views of a group of European Doctors who in 2002 launched a global petition entitled "The Freiburger Appeal".

They wrote that they had observed "a dramatic rise in serious and chronic diseases" including extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes among younger people, brain degeneration, leukaemia and brain tumours.

They put this down to "installation of a mobile telephone sending station in the near vicinity, intensive mobile telephone use, and installation of a Digital Cordless (DECT) phone at home or in the neighbourhood"

In other words if we think we can carry on like this, we all need our heads examining - in more ways than one!

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