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Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's in the cooking

I think there is a point here about Yak cheese. Sadly, the researcher missed the point.

Yak cheese in Tibet is made from raw Yak milk, not like the commonly stupid practice of pasteurizing and homogenizing milk in N. America before making cheese.

In practices to insure long shelf life we see a great alteration of the natural nutrients found in milk, and known to promote cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis (since the 1950s when homogenation became the standard) and raw milk started to be attacked.

The message here is perhaps not eating Yak cheese but liberating dairy cows from factory farms and making raw milk freely available.

Should you get access to many of the old naturopathic textbooks from the 30s and 40s you will find many healing treatments based on raw milk.

Heart-healthy Yak Cheese

ScienceDaily (2008-03-18) -- In a finding likely to get cheese lovers talking, researchers in Nepal and Canada report that yak cheese contains higher levels of heart-healthy fats than cheese from dairy cattle, and may be healthier. Producers make the cheese from the milk of yaks. Those long-haired humped animals are fixtures in Tibet and throughout the Himalayan region of south central Asia, Mongolia, and a few other countries. ... > read full article

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