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Monday, March 03, 2008

Don't you think it is about time you asked?

Some years ago I was honored to connect with John Gofman, PhD, MD. Dr. Gofman has done public health a tremendous service through his outstanding research identifying x-ray from mammogram as a major cause of breast cancer.

For years the government ridiculed him and this carried over to mainstream medicine. This closed mindedness continues. Even though more people are becoming aware that exposing breast tissue to radiation, causing a cumulative effect, more people do need to know and they do need to question.

Reading this excerpt from the Radioactive Times may just help you realize fact.

The University of California, as the unchallenged manager for 61 years of the nuclear weapons program at Los Alamos National Lab, Lawrence Livermore Lab, and Lawrence Berkeley Lab, has received billions of dollars to make a global radioactive environmental mess, hundreds of millions of dollars more to "study" the breast cancer clusters in Marin County, and has still failed to identify the cause. Yet, during a breast cancer conference on January 21, 2006, by the Bay Area Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Center (BABCERC), Dr. Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff from the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, who introduced herself as "the mouse lady", stated very clearly during her presentation to 600 women, that "radiation is the only known cause of breast cancer in mice". She spoke repeatedly in her talk about her experiments on mice, saying "Radiation is the only known cause of breast cancer in mice and that is why I use it to cause breast cancer in mice." She said they never identified the cause of breast cancer in women.


When it was time for questions, I held up an enlarged breast cancer map using US Government data, which identified a 100-mile radius from nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons labs as the location of 2/3 of all breast cancer deaths in the United States from 1985-89.

Fig. 3: Left ­ High-risk counties within 100 miles of nuclear reactors where 2/3 of breast cancer deaths occurred 1985-1989. Source: J. Gould, The Enemy Within: The High Cost of Living Near Nuclear Reactors, Four Walls Eight Windows, NY/London (1996), p.187.
Right - Nuclear power plant locations in the U.S. Source: "The Madness of Nuclear Energy", The Ecologist, Vol. 29 No. 7, November 1999, back cover.

I asked the speaker, Dr. Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff, if BABCERC was investigating radiation as a cause of breast cancer around these sites. She quickly replied, "Oh, I'm a microbiologist!" distancing herself from exposing radiation as the obvious cause.


Anonymous said...

If breast cancer may be caused from x-ray radiation, then do you have an alternative solution to the mammogram itself? I find it reasonable to believe that x-ray radiation may contribute-- anytime you expose cells to something that may cause them to mutate, the end result can be cancer. The routine mammogram is touted as being one of the best ways to detect cancer-- what is the alternative?

herbalYODA said...

Mammogram finds a tumour that is at least eight to ten years old, not very effective as far as detection.
BSE and thermography or ultrasound are more effective and detect tumours in very early states.