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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Supplements Needed

I was happy to receive this report from the UK nutrition group I belong to because I have been fighting the ignorance of the cancer industry for a long time over this issue.

I'd bet it would be a lot better to give chemo patients vitamins than the chips and candy handed out at a Spokane regional cancer center; one that refused to respond to my inquiry about their practice.

Remember that just this past week the government reiterated what it has said several times over the past fifty years that cancer and nutrition are connected.

For nearly a decade oncologists have been telling patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy that they should not take antioxidants & other nutritional supplements because they interfere with treatment. However, a 2-part article published in the most recent issues of 'Alternative Therapies', should lay this this myth to rest.

Oncologist Charles B. Simone, MD & colleages searched Medline & CancerLit & found 280 peer-reviewed studies on the concurrent use of chemo and/or radiation & dietary supplements. These include 50 human studies involving 8,251 patients.
They found that nutritonal supplements did not interfere with conventional cancer treatments & actually enhanced the killing effects of chemo & radiotherapy. In 47 of the human studies, supplements were also found to protect normal tissues & reduce the often serious side-effects of chemo & radiation. In 15 human studes 3,738 patients had increased survival - a finding that is rare in cancer outcome. There is no downside to taking supplements while undergoing chemo but there is a tremendous upside.

'Alternative Therapies Journal'

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