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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Raw Almond Requiem

I know this is an important story and we covered it earlier this year; now the insanity is in place.

I was wondering during some time I could not get this update posted if this isn't related to cancer, since raw almonds are a very good food - in quite small amounts - to help you keep from getting cancer and helping you if you develop it.

One really never knows what sinister concepts exist in bureaucratic schemes.

The same false logic exicts with Big Ag farming and much of the fruits and vegetables we know are grown in the California Valley. The new replacement for methyl bromide in strawberry, tomato and other vegetable crops is MEL or methyl iodide.

MEL is classed as a carcinogen, and as such could be in violation of certain government regulations that prohibit carcinogenic substances to be utilized in products consumed by humans. California seems to have the only outspoken agricultural agency on this so far because MEL is banned in CA simply because it is a carcinogen.

The pundits tell us that we can expect that MEL won't be absorbed into these foods as it is applied only to the soil.

I don't know about you but from all I have ever learned, what is in the soil becomes absorbed into what grows there. I guess they have a new theory for this now, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of it.

And as the march of genetically modified foods continues along the road to your supermarket, you'll be getting moldy almonds and cancerous crops added to the mix.

Rich Johansen 9-27-7


It's your right to know!

Please pass this information on to as many people as you can. Informed citizens can make the difference. There are still some raw almonds in stores and warehouses - stock up!

Did you know that . . .On August 27, 2007 the FDA enacted a new law mandating that all almonds grown and commercially marketed in the U.S. must be pasteurized beginning on September 1, 2007. This means that there will no longer be access to purchasing raw almonds from stores. Every almond sold commercially from here on out will be pasteurized.This is because of two salmonella outbreaks traced to almonds ­ one in 2001 and one in 2004. It makes you wonder how many cases of salmonella have been traced to chicken and meat?

This arbitrary ruling is contrary to the better judgment of members of the Almond Board and is being opposed by most almond growers.Five pasteurization facilities have been built throughout California and the USDA has already begun implementing this program.As of September 1, all almond growers are required to comply with the mandatory pasteurization and truck their almonds to these plants and back to the packing facilities ­ at their own expense. At what cost is this to the grower, the consumer, and the taxpayers?

The pasteurization technique being used for organic almonds is steam. The steam process could leave nuts damp and create mold, which could easily lead to cases of anaphylactic shock.These almonds will still be labeled "raw," even though they will be heat pasteurized and will no longer be raw. Consumers will be deceived and not know what they are truly getting.

Truly raw almonds, with their enzymes intact, are a living, nutrition-packed food. Raw almonds that have been soaked and sprouted are nutritionally superior food to heated almonds, and are more easily assimilated in the digestive process. Heating almonds over 112 degrees destroys their enzymes, and greatly diminishes their nutritional value. Heating also leads to rancidity of nuts.

Almonds shipped into the U.S. from other countries are exempted from mandatory pasteurization. With all the recent news about food from China, it poses the question of why other countries are being exempted from the strict standards U.S. growers are being required to adhere to.

Almonds grown in the U.S. and shipped out of the U.S. to other countries also do not have to be pasteurized!

Is this just the beginning? What are they planning next for mandatory pasteurization? Will it be walnuts, pecans, or what ??? Who knows, maybe spinach will be next. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of "fresh" food. We may not even have access to fresh salad greens anymore !! Even if we loose raw almonds, we must stop the process before we loose more!

Should our government be controlling our choice of food?

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