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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nutrition Does Matter

It is always much more than you are what you eat and this is probably why I believe very strongly in two nutritional programs.

One is a system based on at least 80 years of scientific research. It helps you find out which one of twelve types you are and how to plan your eating to best support your individual biochemistry. This system relates strongly to the way in which you autonomic nervous system functions.

When I first began studying this system I learned that there are really no pure vegetarians. I learned also that the culture closest to veganism are the Hindu people.
For someone coming from another culture whose food roots are based in meat or other type foods, it actually takes eight generations to change your physiology to benefit from another food plan.

The second food plan I use is one that is also based on decades of scientific nutrition research. This approach is one that was proven to rebalance your biochemistry.

These plans are significant because so many diseases, like cancer and diabetes, are effected by how you eat.

Another way your health is effected is eating a diet that over the long term promotes sever nutritional deficiencies. I defer to this issue because I stumbled on a recent report on Nightline, looking at the Hallelujah Diet.

I looked at this diet somewhere about ten years ago and took the time then to consider its risks and benefits. This diet isn't much different that that in the Froehm plan used, although I understand in an altered way now, at Health Quarters, a place similar to Hallelujah Acres.

Initially, and in the short term a cleansing diet is beneficial for all of us because of pollution and the amount of junque food most Americans eat.

If you followed this food plan for about six weeks you would be lighter and probably a little bit healthier. Even period short use of this approach is helpful. But then you can accomplish the same benefits by fasting one day a week combined with some other natural health plans that are not so drastic.

If you'd like to know more about this, here are some directions -

1. For the simple food plan to help rebalance biochemistry, send $3.00 for a copy that can be emailed to you in a pdf file. Email us here for specifics - dr_cw_gayle (at) yahoo (dot) com.

2. If you are more curious and want to determine your metabolic food plan send $35 and we will send you the book of questions. Once you've completed the questions you'll have information that gives you percentage amounts of food types fit for you.

3. If you would like some research on why Hallelujah Diet is unhealthy read more here.It is much more than the lack of B12 that is a problem for vegetarians and especially vegans.

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