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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Too Much Spin, I'm Dizzy Already

That dizzy feeling comes from reading the health news, hoping for some juicy tidbit that needs some additional commentary. Too bad most people take it all as 'gospel', and too bad so much of it is purely 'old news' making the rounds again in different clothes.

Probably more than enough to make the public gasp!

Here is the no brainer on Chris Benoit - steroids and other drugs in his system. (Try Leaflady's Formula One for cellular energy and no crazy rage).

Now with Gardasil, about 35 use-less drugs by vaccination at age 11. And today, whilst it is known that one of the side effects of this and other vaccines is arthritis, it is announced that arthritis costs the economy $1.2 + Billion a year.

So, more vaccines leading to more arthritis, that must be the sought after end result.

Profit by another name, eh?

Then we go to this new grapefruit and breast cancer issue. I'm probably still thinking on this one, but I can point out with certainty - blocking the P450 pathway can -IN FACT - lead to cancer.

Stomach cancer most likely, from my point of view. You see all those acid blocking pills pushed at you for heartburn lead right along this trail.

The P450 pathway is an extremely important DETOXIFICATION pathway. Not one, but ALL of the purple pill category drugs block this process.

When you don't want to risk stomach cancer remember that you can say NO to any medical person writing you a prescription for Nexium, Prevacid and similar drugs. Saying yes might be a ticket to your last ride, death.

They don't like you to take prescription drugs with grapefruit juice. This is because the juice, in most cases, can intensify drugs.

Maybe you could take less drug and more grapefruit juice, just like taking less of that breast cancer drug
TYKERB with fatty food. The BBC news reports combining medicines with the right food could improve the effectiveness of drugs and reduce the costs of treating patients, according to experts.

Of course eating the right foods and getting good nutrition reduces or eliminates your risk of cancer and other diseases - something to ponder.

Stop it on the front end, or what is called prevention.

To prevent breast cancer, start saying NO to mammogram.

Prevent acid reflux by drinking more pure water not with meals, eating slowly and chewing food, exercising, using digestive enzymes with meals, and checking for adequate hydrochloric acid in your stomach because many with reflux don't really have enough acid.

One of those old recipes that works extremely well is adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it 20 minutes before you eat. It'll keep your bones strong too.

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