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Monday, July 23, 2007

A New Approach Necessary, Not More New Drugs

"The so-called Sydney Declaration's central message is that governments need to dedicate more resources to HIV research if the world is to effectively combat the Aids pandemic.

The document says this will help speed up the implementation of new drugs and technologies to prevent, diagnose and treat an infection which has already killed 25 million people."

These are the last two paragraphs of the article linked in the headline above. I purposely highlighted a portion of the sentence in the first paragraph to call attention to something.

That something is faulty thinking or the traditional approach to solving a problem. I think this is what has to change.

It has to change because there is a nutritional approach that needs to be included in the fight against HIV/AIDS. These supplements are valuable and available, and low cost.

Instead of striking a deal with Big Pharma for low cost antiretroviral drugs, maybe Bill Clinton might do better if he'd become less linear in his thinking. If he changed his thinking he might get that there are negative effects of the problem and the drugs. Then he might go for something less harmful, with more promise and is easier to get to the people.

If you're interested in our approach just let us know.

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