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Monday, July 09, 2007

No drug needed

That little punque Brian, over at PUMP-X, refers to me as an "encyclopedia" because I know so much. His quote was written up in a news story about the product I developed for his company. The product is a cellular oxygenator, and it is works great for extreme athletes and has a number of other beneficial uses.

I call Brian the 'punque' for a number of reasons that change over time. He is a spoiled brat from Petaluma ( west of the interstate), although now he is in Pullman since finishing his undergrad work there. Sometimes he isn't up on his ethics, especially when he isn't timely on paying the development fees and royalties, and some other money he owes CHI.

This situation is somewhat akin to this news story found while scanning the morning news today. In my usual fashion, it is posted below my commentary.

For years I have been working in natural health, at the same time as working in the health care industry. I study a lot of things, first because it interests me, but mostly to help people get understanding of issues not forthcoming from doctors and nurses or others in the field.

It's called education for lack of a better word.

I do it for me, but the ultimate goal is for my clients and those of you who care about your health. For those who are not my clients, I only hope that the information I post is helpful to you or someone you know or love, and can make a difference in your life. The core issue is being able to be more responsible for your health, and do it without reliance on drugs.

Since we know from the studies, only about 20 percent of medicine is beneficial. It's the trauma centers that take the crown for their good work.

The rest is hit or miss and lucky guessing. It's like a doctor I know who told me "there is no diagnosis, it's just labs."

She is correct about the lack of diagnosis. And it's also what the insurance companies will allow, or what I call protocol medicine to be nice. Cookie-cutter medicine to be frank!

One of my close friends is very ill right now. A few months back I was talking with her on the phone and could tell she had CHF (congestive heart failure) and suggested she see a doctor.

She finally did see a doctor (she doesn't like them, and after what happened I don't blame her) and was given allergy medicine.

A few days later she was in the ER and they found exactly what I had thought.

In my work I don't diagnose, but I did for decades. It is a tough art to excise from your life.

What I do do now though is to review lab work and target what nutritional deficeincies you may have and give you a plan with foods, herbs, vitamins and other natural things to do to recover your health.

I don't take your prescriptions away but I will educate you about them if you have them. Then I explain how to ask your doctor why they did not explain all the problems with the drugs to you as required by law.

As a former client told me, "You taught me how to be an advocate for my health."

So here is my pat on the back to me for a job well done.

And here is a tip for those of you accepting that chemo is the only treatment, along with radiation, for cancer.

NO, you don't need to lose your hair. And, you don't need an expensive patented drug to keep you from losing your hair.

You can take that vitamin that all the medical people seem to think is deadly because they believe in faulty studies and won't do a thorough search of the literature to find out why they are wrong.

That vitamin that will protect you from chemo and concomitant hair loss is vitamin E.

You need 2000 IUs a day for the two days preceding chemo treatments.

The vitamin E must be natural and this means do not get it at WalMart or Costco et al.

Make sure the label says d-alpha tocopherol, NOT d-l alpha tocopherol.

Try to buy it in some form other than from soy, so this means read the label or ask to have it ordered, or order it from CHI to help support our work.

And BTW, if you have diabetes, this amount of vitamin E taken daily, prevents peripheral neuropathy and other problems in the vascular bed of lower limbs. It certainly beats Lyrica and it's a good way to get more oxygen across the alveolar membranes inside your lungs.

Cancer cells do not like oxygen.

But then, if you don't mind paying a high price for a drug with who knows what kind of side effects, then read about the new one that may be coming to a prescription pad near you.

Doctors discover hair-loss prevention drug for cancer patients

A Japanese medical team has found that a form of antibiotic could prevent cancer patients from losing hair during chemotherapy, a doctor involved in the research said Monday.

Toshiyuki Sakai said his team had found "alopestatin" reduced hair loss by 70 percent when used on rats also given etoposide anti-cancer drugs.

Etoposide is widely used to treat lung and other cancers but can cause hair loss.

Sakai, professor at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, said his team was hoping to to put the agent to practical use in the future.

"I want people to know that few studies have been made on reducing side-effects of anti-cancer drugs," he said.

"This field is lagging behind (the development of cancer drugs) but is still important for patients' quality of life."

The study, which was outlined at an academic meeting in Japan last week, is still ongoing, and the chances are "low at the moment" that alopestatin will be commercialised soon, he said.

No clinical tests are yet in sight, but one possible use for humans would be to apply it to the head in the period when hair loss is most likely to occur during chemotherapy, he added.

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