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Thursday, September 28, 2006

TY Pennington - We love you and love what you do but please Wake Up and Get Some Facts

There is effective, non-drug help available for children and adults labelled with this diagnosis.
FMI contact us.

ADHD Fraud

"The ADHD Fraud is vital reading for everyone. The information is factual, easy to read and debunks every lie that psychiatrists have spun about childhood 'mental disorders' and the drugs used to 'treat' them. It cannot be emphasized enough the urgency with which this book needs to be broadly distributed if we are truly going to safeguard our future generation."

Dr. Baughman's long-awaited book is acclaimed for providing much needed, detailed and practical advice on how to prevent children from being labeled as victims of "ADHD" and other "mental disorders."

"Read the book and weep—for the children, and for the intellectual dishonesty that now inhabits the core of American psychiatry."

Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America

"This book documents (how) the charlatan (quack) psychiatric profession abuses normal, healthy children with brain-destructive drugs for the unconscionable purpose of creating so-called 'mental illnesses' such as ADHD, for financial gain."

Congressman Ron Paul (M.D.)(Texas)

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