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Saturday, September 09, 2006


A recent visitor to Natural Health News was looking for information about natural alternatives to Actonel.
While each person is biochemically unique, here are some simple alternatives you might wish to consider -
Make sure your thyroid is healthy and working well. Most doctors do not quite get the wholistic picture of how the thyroid works and what affects it. (FMI:
Nutritional Status is critical.
Hydration is critical, so no soda (especially diet types) and less or no caffeine or fluoridated water.
Weight bearing exercise daily, like walking or others.
High quality vitamin-mineral daily
Enzymes with meals, especially if over 35.
Don't over do the calcium, and make sure you are using an absorbable kind.
How is your magnesium intake? and what about vitamin C?
Try dandelion and/or nettle, two powerhouse herbs that help healthy bones, especially if you make these herbs into a vinegar.
Remember that Actonel, Fosamax et al suppress the thyroid and stop an important bone cell from functioning, leaving you with brittle and breakable bones.

see the women's health page at for more information

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