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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finally, They are Starting to Catch On.

For many of the past years mainstream medicine has wanted you to believe that herbs are just a waste of time and do nothing for your health. With autumn and winter looming this might just help you stay well.

As a practicing medical herbalist for many decades now, my best suggestion is full spectrum and properly made herbal extracts. Standardized herbs do not offer the complete array of what nature intended to help your health.

And you could consider avoiding any type of flu vaccine, but this might help the side effects if you are duped into getting one.

Lots of vitamin C and garlic will come to your rescue along with good, wholesome nutrition.

Echinacea cuts cold incidence
By Martha Kerr

Use of echinacea, or extract of the purple coneflower,
before the onset of full-blown symptoms of the common cold reduces the
incidence by more than a half and the duration by almost two full days,
researchers reported here at the annual meeting of the American College
of Clinical Pharmacology.

There are approximately one billion colds reported annually, Dr. Sachin A. Shah told meeting attendees. He commented that 20 percent of patients report using nutraceuticals for symptom management. Of these, echinacea is the most commonly used.

Shah of the University of Connecticut, Storrs and colleagues conducted a search and ultimately a pooled analysis of randomized controlled trials on the subject.

The investigators found 14 studies that contained information on incidence in 1,356 patients and duration in 1,630 patients.

The team found that echinacea use cut incidence by 58 percent. Duration was shortened by 1.9 days compared with the colds of nonusers.

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