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Monday, July 11, 2005

Nutraceutical Hype

Well folks, here we are. Vioxx and other COX 2 inhibitors have caused havoc for thousands who have pain and inflammation. When its not drug we are worrying about it might be patented nutraceuticals on their way to glutting the market with high priced products that just might be no better than what Grandma used to tell you about, or have you eat, in the days when there was real food. There weren't to many cases of difficult diseases in those days, and there might not be so many today if most of us weren't having problems getting a wholesome diet.

Earlier today I had to send off this missive to my local food co-op. I've tried for the past few years to instill some education about the products glutting the natural food marketplace, but in this area there has been little hope. (Thank goodness for Friends of CHI or it would be pretty lonely here.)

One thing about the natural foods marketplace these days is that United is the corporate kingpin and pretty much dictates what products get to your local co-op shelves, that is of course unless you have a pretty active group in the co-op membership that demands better. United recently purchased Select Nutrition Distributors so they now have a big chunk of the supplement marketplace, being what it is with mostly junk products out to make bucks but no real health impact (stick with those things granny told you about for safety and benefit please).

So here is my two cents about a new nutraceutical for those of you that are suffering.

There is a jab in this article because the co-op that I pay a membership fee to every year tells me that I can't have articles published because "I'm not a regular contributor". The editor doesn't regard the co-op newsletter guidelines very well, but then I'm not one to kow-tow to cliques either.

Since the 1970s a great amount of dietary misinformation has been promoted in the form of claims that a non-fat or low-fat diet can prevent many health conditions. In past months there has been a discussion of saturated fat in the diet. Unfortunately, because of lack of understanding, some people have been unwilling to accept the idea that the right kind of saturated fat promotes health. Now comes Celadrin, a patented nutraceutical that turns naturally occurring foods into a drug because so many are suffering these days with inflammation and arthritis. Celadrin is an esterified fatty acid. The base fatty acid is sourced from beef tallow. Beef tallow is the source of myristolic acid, which is then bonded to cetyl alcohol to create cetyl myristoleate. CM is also high in butter. CM has been known since the 1950s, after it was discovered by Harry Diehl who was a researcher at the National Institute for Arthritis, a federal agency in Rockville, MD. In addition to the beef tallow, EPA and DHA, mainly from cod liver oil is beneficial. In the 1970s, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine proved that cod liver oil was extremely beneficial for arthritis and other joint problems and inflammation. The Naturade product containing Celadrin and Glucosamine in the lotion form. The 1.5 ounce bottle retails for about $15. A bottle of 45 caps retails for about $26. Maybe it might be helpful to look at changing your diet to one with healthy saturated fats or weighing in for the very low cost of taking cod liver oil daily. Thank you for the opportunity to comment, Dr. Gayle Eversole Fat Facts and Your Health can be read here: PS, Diet Hansen's Soda is made with Splenda. It might help shopper's looking for low cal drinks to know that Splenda aids in imparing immune function and calcifying the kidneys, along with other risks. Educational information about these products should be made available to shoppers to help them select wisely. Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, MH, NP, ND is Executive Director of Creating Health Institute, a founding member of Sno-Isle Co-op and a member of the Moscow Co-op. She is an internationally known natural health practitioner, author and speaker. She was recently awarded a patent for a nutritional supplement used for extreme sports and health conditions. CO-OP members receive 10% discount on all CHI natural health services.

Now maybe this might help you re-discover your inquiring mind when you are out shopping!
and three cheers for Bill Spear's pin that encourages me to Write Hard, Die Free.


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