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Monday, July 11, 2005

Needless Attacks

I'm a true believer in the right of free speech and the First Amendment. I believe I have a right to express my opinion as I do those who might not see the world in the same way I do.
I think in these times with the horror of CAFTA and CODEX looming over all of us, we might do better to join together, put aside our differences, and defeat those whose greed wishes to deny our basic rights to health care of our choice.
There are some BLOGGERS on this 'channel' that seem to think otherwise and have gone to the extent of attacking the web site connected to this BLOG, Natural Health News.
On the surface you might think these folks would do some homework of their own to see that I present well researched information based on a scientific foundation. Well they haven't. In both cases, the authors, one a physical therapist, and the other, a doctor. Neither identify themselves and the doctor uses the pseudonym so her patients won't know she is writing a BLOG.
Both these folks seem not to have read any of the solid data on my site related to the items they are protesting.
Well, I'm not attacking them, just questioning their integrity a little, and stating that I'm happy she isn't my doctor and he isn't the local physical therapist.
So much for supporters of BIG PHARMA that just parrot what the drug detail folks spout out, as if it had anything to do with helping people get well.

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