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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Is CODEX for Killing the Elderly?

This morning, as is fairly ususal, I start my day reading emails and posts to my website, While perusing the mail I came across a note from a fellow who offered up a great comment. That comment stirred my thinking for this BLOG post.

I felt pretty strongly about his ideas because I have a large number of Elders who are clients and attend my educational programs. So here is what 'Deacon Elurby' has to say -
Codex is for saving social security systems!

All we have to do in the U.S. to stop CODEX is mobilize the elderly.

How? By explaining to those vitamin-popping seniors that CODEX's bottom-line purpose is not to make Big Pharma and doctors and pharmacists rich, but to reduce socialist nations' elderly populations, and to the reduce the life expectancy of the next crop of old people (you and me).

In other words, HIGH doses of vitamins, as nutrition-science journalist Bill Sardi would put it, SAVES AND EXTENDS LIVES!

CODEX is about killing off people who would otherwise live longer and strain the socialists' social security systems.

Who has contacted the AARP on the matter, to get those seniors mobilized against CODEX?

Again, CODEX is about killing people who would live more healthily and longer by taking LARGE DOSES of vitamins.

CODEX is about killing-off the elderly.

Who'll get the message to them (I've written to AARP magazine editors, have you?).


P.S. I've been harping on this matter for months, and nobody - note even Bill Sardi - has thought to pick up on that tactic for saving us from tyrannical regulation of life-saving/life-extending vitamins.

Go figure!
I've written AARP a few times myself about their failure to address health issues with good natural health care information. Nothing ever came of that, not even a thank you. But AARP has a way of getting around this by saying "well you know we have millions of members." I don't think that is good enough but it's their way.

AARP is also selling vitamins. The ingredients are low quality, the prices are too high, but then it's all about money. Remember that AARP supported the Bush drug plan for Elders. This plan is about the biggest corporate welfare plan to come along in years; it surely doesn't do much for health.

I'm not sure why Bill Sardi no longer is the outspoken health writer he once was. Might be because he is supported by a large global corpoaraion that just happens to be in the vitamin business.

I'm for vitamins, I'm against CODEX. I'm against killing people with pharmaceutical drugs, GM food, and a whole list of other health restricting measures. Gee aren't a lot of these Members of Congress on the right pro-lifers?

Don't think I can think of something more pro-life than your right of freedom of choice and your right of access to vitamins and minerals to protect your health.

Hope you'll get mobilized when you read this!

Visit the leaflady on the net and see what you can learn for yourself to stay well and be well in these toxic times. Thank you for supporting our work with your donations and purchases.


Jillene said...

Ummm...what is CODEX exactly? Also, do you know a pharmacist? We don't try to kill people and for the most part the ethical ones are not trying to "get rich" It saddens me that you appear to believe that. Natural products are very helpful for many people and we don't usually encourage patients to stop using their natural products unless it has been proven with sound medical studies that they may be dangerous. Thank you for your consideration. jlb

Unknown said...

For those not aware of CODEX, please go to or for more information.

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