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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fake Research Hits New High

Martha Mendoza, AP National Writer, is on to something. That something is much of what herbalYODA has been educating about for years. Too bad that doctor who won't give out any real information about herself other than claim she is a 'pundit' (someone who thinks they know a lot) can't come to terms with her own profession that has sold itself out for false fame and fortune, all at the expense of human lives.

Here's what Mendoza says for starters -

"Allegations of misconduct by U.S. researchers reached record highs last year as the Department of Health and Human Services received 274 complaints - 50 percent higher than 2003 and the most since 1989 when the federal government established a program to deal with scientific misconduct."

Read the full article via the link.


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