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Monday, August 22, 2011

More about the GMO Salmon Conundrum

If you sincerely believe that the FDA's "science-based" system is trustworthy then perhaps you might read this with aplomb.  Otherwise I's encourage you to give this some real thought.
by Dinah Everett Snyder
Aug 21, 2011
38 Agricultural organizations have signed a letter to Congressional Leaders urging them to allow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to complete its review of the world’s first genetically engineered fish for human consumption.
The move follows a recent amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill (HR2112) that would stop the FDA from spending appropriated funds to finalize its review of the fish.

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A fast growing genetically engineered salmon is a good bet for approval by the Food and Drug Administration. It would be the first genetically modified animal sold as food. Dubbed “Frankenfish” by opponents, ...


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Ella Baker said...

The official U.S. position on genetically-modified organisms is that there is no difference between them and natural organisms. The issue goes even further to suggest that no country should be able to require mandatory GMO labeling on food items, even though science shows that GMOs act differently in the body than do natural organisms and are a threat to health.