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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Those Who Are On The Attack Against Supplements

I was looking for an image to use in an article  I am working on earlier today and literally stumbled upon an article against supplements with a very trendy, techy type chart.  

At the same time I literally stumbled upon a good article from an MDs magazine about using homeopathy for trigeminal neuralgia.
Resource 1
Resource 2
After perusing the homeopathic articles I went back to the chart and played around with it a little and discovered something quite interesting: The links go to articles that are limited in information toward supplements.

Hardly accurate, and hardly fair, at least in my book.  What a way to dis-inform people while using something beguiling to lure them in to a limited way of thinking about their health and what can improve it!

You have to be the judge, but my money will always be on the side of supplements for promoting and maintaining good health... 

Many of the supplements at the lower part of the chart have been used effectively over decades for positive health results.  It is difficult to overlay the biased type of studies relied on in mainstream medicine to show less than the already known benefits of vitamins, minerals, and herbs for health.  

If all these things were of no use or no benefit how is it that other than US cultures have relied on them for thousands of years, and even the medical system of pharmaceuticals in the US is based on these very things.

Take this as a jumping off point to learn about what you can do to protect and maintain your health.

And that's a fact, or my name isn't Edith Ann...

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Buy Vega said...

I don't know why other people are against supplements, and still most of the time rely on them. I don't think there is a reason to dislike them.